June 12

“Sing of his glorious name! Tell the world how wonderful he is.” – Psalm 66:2 (TLB)

         If you want a great study to do sometime, go through scripture, and look at all the names of God that He’s known by.  Each one of them reveals something special about who God is and how He works in our lives.  He is called “Jehovah Raphe,” which means “The Lord Who Heals.”  He is called “Jehovah Jireh,” which means “The Lord Will Provide.”  He is called “Jehovah Shalom,” which means “The Lord Our Peace.” He is called “Jehovah Rohi,” which means “The Lord Our Shepherd.”  He is called Jehovah Shammah,” which means “The Lord Is There.”  We know Him best by the name “Jesus,” which means “The Lord Saves.”  What’s REALLY special about all these names is that, as a Child of God, these names belong to YOU!  If God is your Father, then His name is YOUR name.  All that HE is, He freely offers to you.  Maybe you need to claim some of that heritage today.

         God is your Healer today.  Do you believe that the one who touched blind eyes and made them see and touched lame legs and made them walk can STILL do those things?  God is your Provider today.  The one who multiplied the fish and loaves and fed the thousands can certainly drum up enough to take care of you!  His resources are LIMITLESS.  Call upon Him.  In the midst of your chaotic, out-of-control world, He is still your God of Peace.  He can quiet your mind and still your troubled soul. He can bring stability to your shaken world and settle your anxious heart.  God is still the Shepherd who cares for you, and He is still The One who is there for you.  He is always with you and will never leave you or forsake you.  And Jesus still saves.  He can save your marriage.  He can save your aimless life.  He can save your rebellious child.  He can save your addicted family.  He can save you from your sins, and He can even save you from yourself. Just call upon His Name.

         I invite you today to release the power of God’s Name into your life.  I invite you to open your heart, your life, and your home to ALL of who God is.  Ask for His healing.  Ask for His provision. Ask for His care, His comfort, and His Peace.  Ask Him to come and save you.  His Name declares who God is and what He can do. But it’s more than a description.  It’s your Birthright.  His Name is YOUR name.  And it is GLORIOUS and WONDERFUL! That’s God’s Word for you today.