June 13

“Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles he performs for people!” – Psalm 66:5 (NLT)

         Could you use a miracle?  Do you believe that God still does stuff like that?  I do.  Just look around.  I met a guy recently who the doctors said was in dire need of a heart procedure.  Then a group of people prayed for him.  He went back to the doctor, and his improvement was so dramatic they said he didn’t need it. Coincidence?  Maybe.  Or maybe God really does hear and answer His People when they pray.  I have another friend who shared a story this week about how they had made an honest mistake that cost them money they didn’t have.  They beat themselves up about it for a day, but decided they were just going to have to suck it up.  The next evening a total stranger stopped by their house and said he was given their names as a family that had recently been hit by the tornado in that community.  He handed them an envelope with cash and a gift card.  It was the EXACT AMOUNT that the family had to pay just a day before!  Some might say that family was simply “lucky.”  Perhaps.  Or perhaps God really does see and respond to the needs that His Children have.   I read a story today about a woman who had so many health issues at birth that she was given only three days to live. But she lived, though she never grew beyond the size of a toddler.  She recently graduated from college and runs a non-profit that helps people with disabilities.  Maybe she was fortunate and just beat the odds.  Maybe.  Or maybe God had a plan and purpose for her life, and she’s just a walking, talking miracle of God’s grace and power.

         I believe God still does miracles.  Some of them are small and almost go unnoticed.  Others are downright AMAZING.  If you need a miracle, I invite you to do what David said.  “Come and see.”  Just look around, and I think you’ll begin to believe in them, too!  Cry out to the Lord today.  Tell Him you how you need His power and grace to be released in your life.  Tell Him that you’ve read of what He’s done for those in His Word.  Tell Him you’ve heard of miracles He’s performed others.  Tell Him you’ve heard how He can heal bodies, provide resources, and do things men say can’t be done.  Then lay before Him your need.  Tell Him you need a miracle, too.  “O God of wonders, who has done so much for so many.  Hear the cries of your people who need your Hand to work in their midst.  Give them the miracle that they need today, and we will give you, Lord, all the Honor and Glory.  By the Strong Name of Jesus we pray, Amen!”  That’s God’s Word for you today.