July 17

“May God be merciful and bless us.  May his face smile with favor on us.” – Psalm 67:1 (NLT)


Let me pray this Psalm over you today…


“Father, I pray your mercy upon my friends today.  Many of us have fallen short and need your grace to be poured out upon us.  We haven’t lived up to being all that we know we need to be.  We haven’t lived up to being all that we WANT to be!  But we’re growing, Lord.  We’re learning.  We’re still not getting it all right yet, but we’re so much further down the road than we used to be.  Your word says that your mercy is new every morning.  And we’re so thankful for that mercy!  Pour it out upon us today.  Let your grace wash over us, let your tender Hand restore us, and let your Holy Spirit fill us anew and afresh.  Let your mercy fall!


Others of us need your blessing, Father.  You are our Jehovah Jireh, Our Provider.  Many of us are struggling, and we need your provision.  You know the financial needs we can’t meet.  You know the obligations that we cannot maintain.  You alone know how hard we’ve worked and how diligently we’ve tried, but it’s still not enough.  So we turn to you today, Lord, and ask you to open your hands of blessing to us.  The entire earth is yours.  You own the cattle on a thousand hills.  So we know that our need is nothing compared to your resources.  We’re not asking for wealth or riches, Father.  We’re only asking for you to supply all our needs.  Pour out your blessings, Lord, as we give you our GRATEFUL hearts!


And Father, turn your face toward us with the smile of your favor.  Some of us need your smile of favor upon our homes.  We’re struggling, Lord.  We need your smile of favor upon our marriages.  We need that smile of favor upon our children.  Some of us need that smile of favor to restore the joy we seemed to have lost.  Some of us need that smile of favor to lift the heaviness of grief from our hearts.  Some of us need that smile of favor upon our souls that we might feel loved again, at peace again, and whole again.  Your face radiates with your glory, Lord.  Let that glory shine upon us.  Let the smile of your favor bring light, laughter, and love to our lives!  Father, I lift up each of these who are so precious to me.  Let your mercy, your blessing, and your favor be upon them.  Fill their lives with your Presence.  In the Precious Name of Jesus I ask, Amen.”  I love you guys!  That’s God’s Word for you today